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Capacity Building: Technical Support for Institutionalization of Certificate Course on Practice and Theory on Social Policy

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), Bhutan has entered into an institutional contract with JSGP for “Technical Support for Institutionalization of Certificate Course on Practice and Theory on Social Policy” with the aim of transferring skills within a proposed period of two years. The objective of the programme is to prepare parliamentarians, civil servants, and professionals in policy leadership along with practical skills and rigorous analysis in designing and implementing social policies through evidence building. JSGP is undertaking the design, oversight and evaluation of the programme at Sherbutse College, Bhutan during January 2016, as per the international standards of the UNICEF in the following dimensions: Policy Analysis: This part will build the foundation of social policy, clarifying concepts and theories, providing the foundation of the institutional framework in Bhutan, and developing participants’ analytical skills. It would cover a series of analytical tools such as research methods, budget analysis, policy analysis, policy impact analysis and evidence based social policy.

Governance and Public Service Delivery: The essence of this segment is to explore how governments prioritize implementation of quality public service delivery for essential services at the local level, and how the gaps can be closed to achieve growth with equity and social justice. It dwells on issues like enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of service provision; performance based management system to deliver on results; accountability and policy coherence; how democratic governance can be made to deliver more effectively; and exploring the incentives for disclosing the delivery gap. Leadership and Management of Social Policy: In collaboration with practitioners involved in the real process of policy making, this segment will enhance participants’ capacity in the area of analysis, management and leadership skills. Using executive education structure and methods (guest lectures from renowned national and international practitioners, case studies, practical example, real case scenarios), this will focus systematic understanding, knowledge and skills related to the core functional areas of management and leadership practice and development of professional capability to provide leadership on policy lobbying and advocacy.