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JSGP Research Highlights

JGU’s faculty members and students undertake research through its schools, research centres, and institutes. Research is funded through external or internal grants, or are self-funded. To date, our researchers have undertaken projects with public, private and non-profit organizations based in India and across the globe on issues ranging from public policy, urban planning, and intellectual property rights to energy security, agrarian policy, and civil society. A selection of these research projects, both completed and ongoing, is described below to highlight our domain areas of experience and expertise.

  • The India Public Policy Report

    A first of its kind, the India Public Policy Report (IPPR) is the flagship publication of JSGP. It seeks to contribute to policy advocacy and to improving the policy making and the implementation process in India.

  • Reputations and Realities: Exploring Policy Effectiveness in Selected States

    This project is a follow-up to the India Public Policy Report 2014 and focuses on four states: Gujarat, Kerala, Haryana and Sikkim.

  • Transnational Urbanism: Influence of Transnational Processes on the Co- Production of Urban Space i...

    This project explores the ways by which flow of information, bodies and finance spurred by small trade and manufacture around electronic items (mobile phones, computers) intersects with the coproduction of space in India and Hong Kong.

  • Governance of Urbanization and Environment in Indian Non-metros and its Peripheral Villages: The Cas...

    This study seeks to map the forces driving the transformation of large villages and small towns and the associated social and environmental consequences in three Indian states, viz., Haryana, Mizoram and Tamilnadu.

  • Agrarian Policy (1947-1970) in Historical Perspective

    This study has the following objectives.


    Primary objectives:


  • Institutional Dynamics and the Support for Agriculture

    The main aim of this project is to understand and delineate the institutional support mechanism for agriculture.