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Articles should range between 7000-8000 words, perspectives between 4000-6000 words, and notes/commentaries between 2000-3000 words. Manuscripts should be sent in electronic format (word document) and addressed to the Executive Editors at The Journal follows the style sheet used by Routledge India. The following style of citation is to be followed for citations in the References/Bibliography:


Organski, A. F. K. and Jacek Kugler. 1980. The War Ledger. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Article in Edited Volume

Collier, David. 1991. ‘The Comparative Method: Two Decades of Change’, in Dankwart A. Rustow and Kenneth Paul Erickson (eds), Comparative Political Dynamics: Global Research Perspectives, pp. 7–31. New York: Harper Collins. 

Article in Journal

Maoz, Zeev. 1983. ‘Resolve, Capabilities, and the Outcome of Interstate Disputes, 1816–1976’, Journal of Conflict Resolution, 27(2): 195–229. 

Unpublished Dissertation, etc.

Kier, Elizabeth. 1992. ‘Changes in Conventional Military Doctrines: The Cultural Roots of Doctrinal Change’. Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Cornell University. 

Unpublished Paper

Kumar, Avinash. 2003. ‘Defining the Disciplines: Hindi History versus Hindi Literature, 1900–1940’. Paper presented at the Department of History, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, 11 March. 

Archival Reference

Bengal Political and Secret Department Files: various years beginning 1816. Asian and African Collections (formerly Oriental & India Office Collections), the British Library, London. 

Census & Reports

Census of India. Vol. 3: Madras and Coorg. Part 1: Report. 1951. (ed.) S. Venkateshwaran. Madras: Government of India Press. Hunter, W. W. 1885. Imperial Gazetteer of India. Vol. IV: Cochin to Ganuria. London: Trubner & Co.

Book Review/Review Essay

Wirtz, James. 1989. ‘Counterinsurgency Paradigms’, review of Deadly Paradigms: The Failure of U. S. Counterinsurgency Policy, by Michael Shafer, International Security, 14(1): 184–94. 

Article in Newspaper/Magazine

‘Aborting a Take-Off’. 1992. Sunday, July 19–25, pp. 14–15. (Add correspondent’s or writer’s name if available.) 

Reference to/from a Website

Asad, Talal. 2000. ‘What Do Human Rights Do? An Anthropological Enquiry’, Theory and Event 4(4), (accessed on 13 October 2011). 

NOTES: In the manuscript, they should be listed at the end of the chapter/article, as end noted and set in the same point-size as text matter (11 or 12 points) for copyediting purposes, although they will be eventually be set as endnotes.